Senior Hurling

Sunday, April 2ndClarecastleClare Cup Division 1A Round 1Newmarket-on-Fergus 1-19 Clarecastle 0-10
Saturday, April 15thTullaClare Cup Division 1A Round 2Clarecastle 4-18 O’Callaghan’s Mills 0-11
Saturday, April 29thClooneyClare Cup Division 1A Round 3Clooney-Quin 4-10 Clarecastle 3-07
Saturday, May 13thCusack ParkSenior Championship Round 1Sixmilebridge 3-25 Clarecastle 1-11
Saturday, May 20thClarecastleClare Cup Division 1A Round 4Inagh-Kilnamona 2-17 Clarecastle 2-10
Friday, May 26thClarecastleClare Cup Division 1A Round 5Cratloe 1-12 Clarecastle 0-11
Monday, June 12thKilmaleyClare Cup Division 1A Round 6Kilmaley 4-24 Clarecastle 1-12
Tuesday, June 20thSixmilebridgeClare Cup Division 1A Round 7Sixmilebridge 3-22 Clarecastle 0-08
Tuesday, July 18thCrusheenClare Cup Division 1A Round 8Crusheen v Clarecastle
Saturday/Sunday, July 29/30thClarecastleClare Cup Division 1A Round 9Clarecastle v Clonlara
TBCNeutralSenior Championship Round 2Clarecastle v Tulla

Intermediate Hurling

Saturday, April 1stClarecastleDivision 2 League Round 1Parteen 2-12 Clarecastle 0-11
Monday, April 17thInaghDivision 2 League Round 2Clarecastle 1-17 Inagh-Kilnamona 1-14
Friday, April 28thKillaloeDivision 2 League Round 3Smith O’Brien’s 7-20 Clarecastle 0-09
Sunday, May 14thShannonIntermediate Championship R 1Clarecastle 1-13 Clonlara 0-08
Friday, May 19thClarecastleDivision 2 League Round 4St Joseph’s Doora/Barefield 4-12 Clarecastle 1-17
Saturday, May 27thOgonnelloeDivision 2 League Round 5Ogonnelloe 4-13 Clarecastle 1-18
Sunday, June 18thBodykeDivision 2 League Round 6Bodyke 1-18 Clarecastle 1-17
Monday, June 26thClarecastleDivision 2 League Round 7Clarecastle 1-11 Corofin 1-09
Sunday, July 16thCratloeDivision 2 League Round 8Cratloe v Clarecastle
Saturday/Sunday, July 29/30thClarecastleDivision 2 League Round 9Clarecastle v Scariff
TBCNeutralIntermediate Championship R 2Clarecastle v Scariff

Junior Hurling

Friday, April 28thTullaDivision 5B League Round 1Tulla 1-23 Clarecastle 1-06
Tuesday, May 23rdClarecastleDivision 5B League Round 2Clarecastle 3-11 Ruan 1-05
Sunday, May 28thClarecastleDivision 5B League Round 3Clonlara 1-17 Clarecastle 1-10
Monday, June 12thSixmilebridgeDivision 5B League Round 4Clarecastle 2-19 Sixmilebridge 1-19
Tuesday, June 27thKillanenaDivision 5B League Round 5Clarecastle 3-16 Killanena 4-13
Saturday, July 15thN/AJunior B Championship Rd 1Clarecastle a bye
TBCNeutralJunior B Championship Rd 2Clarecastle v TBC
TBCNeutralJunior B Championship Rd 3Clarecastle v TBC

U21 Hurling

Saturday, March 11thTullaU21B Championship Round 1Clarecastle 3-08 Broadford 0-11
Sunday, March 19thMeelickU21B Championship Quarter-FinalClarecastle 2-8 Clooney-Quin 1-4
Saturday, March 25thClonlaraU21B Championship Semi-FinalClarecastle 1-15 Cratloe 1-07
Sunday, April 23rdTullaU21B Championship FinalO'Callaghan's Mills 2-16 Clarecastle 1-09

Minor Hurling

Friday, August 4thGurteenMinor A Championship Round 1St Joseph's D/B v Clarecastle
Friday, July 21st TBCClarecastleMinor A Championship Round 2Clarecastle v Bodyke/O'C Mills
Friday, July 28thInaghMinor A Championship Round 3Inagh-Kilnamona v Clarecastle
Friday, August 11thClarecastleMinor A Championship Round 4Clarecastle v Wolfe Tones
Friday, August 18thN/AMinor A Championship Round 5Clarecastle a bye
Friday, September 8thSixmilebridgeMinor A Championship Round 6Sixmilebridge v Clarecastle
Friday, September 15thClarecastleMinor A Championship Round 7Clarecastle v Kilmaley
Weekend of September 22-24NeutralMinor A Championship Semi-FinalTBC
Weekend of October 6-8thNeutralMinor A Championship FinalTBC

U16 Hurling

Friday, July 7th, 7.30pmClonlaraU16A Championship Round 1Clonlara v Clarecastle
Sunday, July 16thClarecastleU16A Championship Round 2Clarecastle v Newmarket-on-Fergus
Sunday, July 23rdSixmilebridgeU16A Championship Round 3Sixmilebridge v Clarecastle
Tuesday, August 1stClarecastleU16A Championship Round 4Clarecastle v Kilmaley
Tuesday, August 15thGurteenU16A Championship Round 5St Joseph's D/B v Clarecastle
TBCTBCU16A Championship Quarter-FinalTBC
Sunday, September 3rdNeutralU16A Championship Semi-FinalTBC
Sunday, September 17thNeutralU16A Championship FinalTBC

U15 Hurling

Sunday, October 1 or 8ClarecastleU15A Championship Quarter-FinalClarecastle v Scariff/Ogonnelloe
Sunday, October 15thTBCU15A Championship Semi-FinalClarecastle or S/O v F/K, C/Q or SMB
Sunday, October 22ndNeutralU15A Championship FinalTBC

U14 Hurling

Friday, March 31stN/AU14A Championship Round 1Clarecastle a bye
Friday, April 7thBallyeaU14A Championship Round 2Ballyea 2-13 Clarecastle 2-07
Friday, April 21stClarecastleU14A Championship Round 3Ogonnelloe/Scariff 1-13 Clarecastle 3-06
Friday, April 28thClareCounty Féile na nGael Quarter-FinalSt Joseph's Doora/Barefield 2-9 Clarecastle 1-8
Friday, May 5thSixmilebridgeU14A Championship Round 4Sixmilebridge 3-15 Clarecastle 0-06
Friday, May 12thClarecastleU14A Championship Round 5Clarecastle 1-13 Corofin 2-10
Friday, May 19thGurteenU14A Championship Round 6St Joseph’s Doora/Barefield 4-13 Clarecastle 3-06
Friday, May 26thClarecastleU14A Championship Round 7Clarecastle 2-17 Inagh-Kilnamona 2-07
Thursday, June 1stClarecastleU14A Shield Semi-FinalClarecastle 5-15 Inagh-Kilnamona 2-12
Thursday, June 15thCorofinUnder 14A Shield FinalCorofin 2-11 Clarecastle 2-05

U13 Hurling

TBCTBCU13A Championship Round 1Clarecastle v TBC
TBCTBCU13A Championship Round 2Clarecastle v TBC